The Series
I want to be with you, in the shining future

La Corda d'oro / Kiniro no Corda (金色のコルダ) is a music-themed role-playing game series by Koei, and was released in 2004 for Playstation, with a sequel following in 2007. A manga and anime adaption followed in 2004 and 2006, respectively.

The story is set in present-day Seisou Academy, a school divided into a General and Music department. Every few years, a music competition is held at the school, in which a handful of exceptional students, usually from the Music department, are selected to participate. According to legends, a music fairy once acted as a bridge of love for two rival violinists in the competition.

The story begins with a surprise selection from the General department for the present competition, who will shake things up with her presence. Hino Kahoko, the heroine of the story, is suddenly thrust into a world of music, love, and rivalry as she develops relationships with her fellow participants, and discovers a love for playing the violin.

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