Just for us, I won't ever let it end

Violin Romance was launched on November 17, 2007.

The title is inspired by the legend that lives on in Seiso Gakuin, about the music competition that built the bridge of love between two rival violinists ♥ Since Hino is a newcomer to the music world, the music fairy Lili presented her with a magical violin to enter the competition with. Initially, she was hesitant about the violin, but she happened to overhear Tsukimori practicing Ave Maria, and she was so deeply moved by his music that she decided to begin playing the violin so that she can play like Tsukimori one day ♥

On December 24, 2008, the site became skinnable! Thanks to cross-listing this relationship between and, the fanlisting now covers both the game and the anime/manga version of their relationship ★

Cause I know that we're meant to be

The key points in my designs for this pairing are the moon and the violin, both of which I think defines their relationship. The moon symbolizes tranquility, hope, as well as distance - all of which can be said of Tsukimori and Hino's relationship. It is also a reference to Tsukimori's name :3 The violin also plays an important part in their relationship, as it is the instrument they both play. This not only makes them rivals, but also partners because it creates a bond between them ♪

Version 2: Moonlight Destiny (Manga)
Created: December 21, 2008

Moonlight Destiny
Moonlight Destiny features scans from tankouban #10 ♥ If I didn't know better, I'd say this pairing is canon! Or I just did a really good job at photoshopping Tsuchiura out of the scan XDD As you can imagine, I am on OTP!cloud nine from these two images~ ♥ The main two-shot on the left was first featured on a cover of a LaLa magazine :3 The main theme of this layout is a starry night under the twilight moon, using Tsukimori and Hino's image colors ★ I wanted everything dreamy and romantic, and made use of lots of hearts and stars ♪

Version 3: Endless Waltz (Game)
Created: December 23, 2008

Endless Waltz
Endless Waltz features a possible event from the La Corda d'oro 2 game, if you are playing to win Tsukimori's heart which, of course, you are doing, y/y? :33 I fell in love with this romantic image of the two dancing, and wanted to capture that mood here :D This layout is pretty similar to Version 1, but this new version is dreamier and fluffier, and now features Tsukimori and Hino's sweet violin duet as well ♥ The Japanese text at the top is a little advice Tsukimori gives to Hino about her playing, and the translation goes a little something like this: (prepare to swoon :3)

You should relax when you play.
        Believe in all the hard work you've put in,
            and also... believe in me.
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